About Us

Snowbound Customs was founded in 2021 with the goal of filling a gap in the market by bringing a truly premium product to your doorstep. After adding larger tires to my own rig, I was forced to remove the bulky and damaged washer reservoir from my vehicle. I replaced this with a cheap plastic reservoir which did the job, but would run out of fluid after a single long roadtrip. I spent many hours designing a new TIG welded reservoir that maximizes storage in the available amount of room for the 3rd Gen 4Runner platform. From here, premium Snowbound Customs washer reservoir relocations were born, and I am continuing to expand my product line to cover new vehicles at the request of many people who have the same issues on other platforms.

We have also moved on to offering a few other modifications from fabricators around the country, all of which have been personally tested and used in our own vehicles. Some items we sell can only be found exclusively through our own website. Have questions? Let us know!